About us

KACITA is a business support association in Uganda, established and registered in 2001. The main aim is to facilitate trade, bring together the business community, mobilize them into a viable, organized and socially sustainable market place.


A leading business support association in the East Africa common market


To improve business environment through advocacy for favorable business policies, mediation of business conflicts, networking, capacity building, provide access to competitive financial services, apprenticeship and entrepreneur development.

  • Business ethics
  • Integrity
  • Rationale and equitable
  • Accessible
  • Respectful
  • Quality
  • Creativity
  • Accountability
  • Team work
  • Transparency
  • Advocacy and lobby for favorable business policies and micro-economic environment.
  • Capacity building, apprenticeship and entrepreneur development.
  • Mediation of business conflicts
  • Facilitate and enable our members our members access competitive financial services.
  • Promote trade order in the business community.
  • Provide a platform, and promote the products and services of our partners.
  • Provide market research and information to support business development.
  • Offer consultancy services including feasibility studies, business management, cash flow management, product source, logistical services, customs clearance and mentor-ship.
  • To enhance service delivery through designing products and services that meet the needs and aspirations of our members.
  • To strengthen commercial zone leadership.
  • To consistently increase membership and get every business in Uganda on board.
  • Advocacy and lobby for fair business policies and favorable business environment.
  • To set up a business support center for capacity building and financial sustainability.
  • To strengthen mediation services to serve our members better.
  • To promote trade order within the business community.
  • To enhance stakeholder management relationships.
  • To promote a safer city through strengthening the spirit of neighborhood watch.
  • To strengthen KACITA co-operative finance to achieve MDI status.

KACITA’S Corporate Social Responsibility Statement (CSR)

At KACITA, we believe our first responsibility is to the business community, customers, consumers and all the stakeholders who use our services. In meeting their needs, everything we do must be of the highest integrity. We must constantly strive to reduce information gaps in order to keep our members up-to-date and well informed. We are responsible for our employees, the men and women who work with us.

We must respect their dignity and recognize their merits.

We are responsible for the safety of the community in which we live and work and encourage neighborhood watch as well. We must be good citizens; support the good works and charities. We encourage civil improvements, better health and education. We are passionate about protecting the environment and natural resources.


KACITA management philosophy is based on responsibility, learning and creativity. KACITA is governed by the board of directors. The board provides strong leadership ability. The board members are as follows:

Mr. Everest Kayondo, Board chairman.

He is an icon in Tourism and travel business, has more than 33 years experience with specific reference in travel. He has been working with the association since its creation. He is the Managing Director of Everbased Tours & Travel.

 Ms. Hope Katwine

Vice chairperson. Hope is a founder member of KACITA and she has passion in business. Before she was elected the vice chairperson of KACITA, Hope was the former Chairperson of KACITA co-operative Finance LTD. She is a hand-on business lady, a manufacturer and an importer. Her experience in business is an incredible resource and it facilitates her role in the association. She is also the chairperson of KAWEL (KACITA Women’s’ Entrepreneurship League).

Mr. Ephraim Kaddu Sentamu.

Ephraim is the Secretary General. Before joining the association, he was customs official with Uganda Revenue Authority (URA), Makerere Institute of Social Research (MISR), and Uganda Entrepreneurial Development Agency

(UEDA). His interpersonal skills and positive attitude facilitates his role of the secretary general.

Mr. Issa Sekito.

Issa is the spokes person of the association. He has several business projects in town. He brings with him a pragmatic and laser strategies focused on public communication and organization operations.

Mr. Kalema, Board member and Finance Director.

Mr. Kalema is the Finance Director heading the finance department. He brings with him a pragmatic and laser strategies focused on finance and organization operations. He is one of the directors of Mpoma Royal College and the director of Tides Hotel Natete.

 Mr. David Wangi, Deputy Spokesperson.

Mr. Wangi is the Depuity Spokes person of the Association. He is a business man and a farmer in Masaka. He brings with him skills to sensitize KACITA members to go into Agriculture and value addition on their products.

 Mr. Fahad Kayondo – Publicity Secretary

Mr. Jjemba Mulondo – Security

Mr. Mugisha Edirisa – Welfare

Mr. Mbuga Simeo – Board Member

Madam Nyamusana Specioza – Board Member



 Management realizes that the success lies in the quality of Human capital. For that reason and many unmentioned, KACITA has recruited the most appropriate available staff. The core business management team comprises of the Chief Executive Officer, Arbitrator, Administrative Secretary, Accountant office Assistant, Membership officers and  field staff.