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Case between the Landlords and Tenants kicks off at the High Court on 17th 06 2020

It is finally clear that the long awaited case between the landlords and tenants kicks off at the High Court on 17th 06 2020 .

The traders / tenants represented by KACITA Uganda Ltd seek a court order restraining the landlords from charging rent for the period under lock down .

To KACITA  it is very unfair because none of Ugandans didn’t loose something .It is such a historical case since many fear the landlords for their financial muscles and godly behaviors .

It is either now or never as many businesses will close if the tenants lost the case .The fact is that equity goes to the vigilant .

Ugandans are called upon to follow this historic case whose final disposal will have far reaching implications on the relationship between landlords and tenants across the divide .

Surely some landlords are that fair that they have already given some consensus to their tenants and we appreciate them at an opportune time we shall name them and appreciate them categorically.

We need your entire support on this noble cause .Aluta continua!!

This doesn’t stop those that still hope that the president will conclude this matter to continue pursuing that option.

KACITA is fully ready and committed to go and meet the president again as promised but there are many ways of skinning a goat .It is reason we request every one to be vigilant as the struggle for fairness rages .

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