City Traders renting in Kirumira Towers and Royal Complex to Strike over unfair Treatment

City Traders renting in Kirumira Towers and Royal Complex to Strike over unfair Treatment

City Traders renting in Kirumira towers and royal complex 3rd floor on market street are threatening to burn tyres and strike over unfair treatment including unrealistic bills.

In a meeting held on 25th January 2020, Traders have resolved to go and switch on the power forcefully. They are going to open the shops and work.

These are some of the resolutions that were reached from the meeting.

1. They are disappointed in the way Mr Kirumira is behaving since he has been one of the most disciplined landlords critising those that manipulate tenants and treat them badly

2.Traders wanted forcefully switch on the meter even when it would cause risks of burning the building.

2. They have given Mr Kirumira am ultimatum to meet him on Monday anytime of his choice and table all their grievances.

3. In case he doesn’t meet them, there will be a stand off on Tuesday where nobody on both Kirumira towers and Royal complex will be allowed to open up the shop.

4. They don’t want to meet with Brenda and her team since They are very arrogant and not listening.

5. They want both water and Yaka meters installed so as to pay the utility bills incurred.

6. The charging of displays and chairs outside their shops will not be allowed.

7. The payment of bills in arrears yet all bills were being incorporates in the high rent paid won’t be accepted.

8. They need to be respected where they demand to always be given change notices with an appropriate period of time to respond.

9. Incase Mr Kirumira doesn’t meet them, KACITA will do the mobilisation all the traders and meet in the evening of Monday preparing for the Tuesday action.

10. Traders ha e been patiently waiting for a reconciliation opportunity with management which has not come to pass, they are ready to exact any required pressure in search for their rights. This will include burning tyres from around or within the building, engaging the media fraternity in the matters, switching on the meter themselves among others.

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