KACITA warns traders on counterfeit goods



THE Kampala City Traders Association (KACITA) spokesperson Issa Sekitto has warned companies which adulterate products of other producers as a way of tarnishing brands on the market, urging owners put a reward to anyone who can reveal the masqueraders.Brand names of several companies have been spoilt by others whose intention is to ruin the market of their competitors. He made the remarks while assessing the performance of mineral Water producing companies in the city.Sekitto during his investigation at the Blue Water Beverages in Luzira called for the intervention of the ministry of trade and industries, Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) and Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) to ensure monitoring of these companies and other mushrooming unregistered companies.He was on a tour of the factory in company of taxi stage leaders who were alleging that their colleagues drank contaminated water in the city which led them to develop typhoid fever.The drivers’ representative from the Taxi Stages Committee at the Old Taxi Park Khalid Bbale said that his colleagues had succumbed to typhoid fever after they took unsafe water while others were saying they drank bottled mineral water.Bbale explained that some drivers are not cautious of the water they take while on duty saying that it was one of the reasons they got infected.Manisuli Lukyamuzi another driver at the Ntinda stage said that some drivers are not mindful of their sources of water and do not take time to study to know the expiry dates.  He said that some companies were found to have fulfilled the requirements of the UNBS, and the ISO certification.Sekitto told the owners of the company to launch a campaign in which they will promote their products and give reward people who will reveal information on their products.

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